Leading A Happy Life: Just 12 Little Things You Need To Give Up


Happy life, eh! Sounds like a romantic thought to most of us (romantic and unrealistic!).But today, I would really like to give you all a reality check. Here it goes – if you’re not happy, honey, trust me, there’s no one but you (yourself) to be blamed! Yes, you heard me right.

As harsh as it may sound but it is the truth and wouldn’t you agree that it is high time and we should first acknowledge and then do something about it (real soon!)?
Well, I feel it totally is. So, here are 12 little things that (in my humble opinion) if you get rid of, you’ll find a happy life to cherish!

1. The ever playing ‘What will they think?’ track!

If you want a happy life, then please, just stop bullying yourself already. Let people care about what they wanna think and start caring about what you want instead!



2. Excuses and yes, the blame game!

Hah! For how long can you keep piling up excuses for not having a happy life? And how long can you keep blaming others? It’s of no use, believe me. So, promise me this one thing – NO MORE EXCUSES! (take charge of your life, dear!)

leading a happy life excuse

3. Regrets – unending regrets!

You regret almost all the things you do and resent the others. I can’t even imagine how you can ever lead a happy life with so much burden on your shoulders.So, stop regretting because what’s done is done. Don’t be so hard on yourself, love.
Leave everything be and start taking a baby step towards positivity from today itself.

leading a happy life regrets

4. Oh, the ever so hurtful bargain of (too much) attachment!

I won’t ask you to not fall for people and things. Do it, it’s magical. But don’t let your mind be forgotten because of heart. Just try not to be too attached and start enjoying a little distance at times, as well, that’s all!

leading a happy life attachment

5. All so many complaints that you have from life!

Yeah, I know that life isn’t always fair. But guess what, life is not always unfair either! So, if you really want a happy life, try to count your blessings more than you count the hurts and pains, honey.


6. The compulsive need for everything to be ‘perfect’ (What!!!)

Hey, stop right there! Breathe and please, darling, try to be human for a second. I don’t know what planet are you from, but here, at Earth, the idea of a happy life comes true only when you learn to appreciate the beauty of imperfections just as much as you admire perfection. Balance!

leading a happy life perfect

7. The (totally uncalled for) feeling of insecurity

Oh, dear, nothing comes with a guarantee! Not our actions, not our heart, and certainly not life! A happy life is also about taking that leap of faith, the beauty of believing, and the dare to take risks.
(Security is just too boring, love! So, just say ‘So what?’ and live a little!)


8. Expectations (a little too much!), Expectations (about every friggin thing!), Expectations (from every friggin one!)

Hey, not everyone’s mission of life is to make you happy (but yours alone!). And the notion that you have about being good to people so that they can be good to you in return – it’s lame!
(Yes! Do good from your heart and never for a give and take. And see how you’ll be the master of a happy life!)

leading a happy life expectations

9. Crying over the past (for NOTHING!!!)

There’s just one thing that I have to say to you love – grow up!
What’s done is done and what’s gone is gone. So, leave it be! Wipe your tears off and buckle up for creating a happy life this moment on.

leading a happy life crying

10.You unquenchable thirst to know everything (Why darling, why?!!)

First, you want to know everything about everything and then you’ll whine about some of it and hate the rest. Why not just focus on your own business and be at peace with your happy life!


11. The (endless) wait for the right moments (are you even listening how lame this reads?)

Oh, the right moments you wait for (listen very carefully..) are never coming!!!!
So, get up, get going, and make them happen!

leading a happy life waiting


12. You need to be happy (God, all the time!)

A happy life doesn’t mean a life with only happiness in it. Instead, a happy life is the one where you appreciate and enjoy the rhythm of both the ups and the downs with equal measure. So, it’s all okay.

Ah, I guess that it’s time for you all to get on with these 12 breakups now. But I’m pretty that you’ll find a happy life and the widest smiles waiting for you!

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