Wake Up Positive : 10 Tips To Start Your Day Energetically


Every new day is an opportunity to give your life a new perspective. So, wake up positive, love, and let’s see what can ever get you down! Here are 10 super easy and magically effective tips that will help you wake up positive every single morning, enjoy!

1. Wake up positive to a spirit lifting tune (Smile!)

What I mean to tell you is – set a crazy and uplifting number as your alarm tune. So, when your alarm goes off every morning, you can wake up positive dancing to it!


2. Try to remember the dream you wake up from (Focus!)

One great way to wake up positive is trying to remember your dream the first thing you’re up! It not only gets your mind to forget laziness and focus but also adds romance to your morning.
So, dream on, darling, and remember your dreams to make them come true !!

3. Stay off your phones (No social media – build real connections!)

We have developed a habit of wishing the first good morning to our phones these days. But this needs to stop right now!
So, when you go to bed tonight, don’t sleep with your phones and instead, spend the first few minutes of your day getting amazed at the beauty of everything around you
(I bet this will help you wake up positive!)

4. Kick off your metabolism with a glass full of water (drink up!)

Positivity and freshness are both interlinked. So, how about giving your day a healthy and refreshing start with a glass of water? (you can even squeeze in some lime or honey for the taste!)

5. Wake up positive with the warmth of love (hug!)

Ooh…this is the most fun and happiest way to wake up positive every morning!
Be it a person you love, your beloved pets, or even a pillow or the book you’re reading – just start your day with a hug.

6. Give your senses the force of creativity (music, writing, and art!)

Ah, what can beat the magic that the melody of your favorite song or the verse from your favorite book can work on your spirit! You can always wake up positive to the creative pull of art.

7. Get up, get out, and get your body energized too (workout!)

Our aim is not just to wake up positive in the morning, but stay positive throughout the day.
So, get up and get out! Choose to take a walk, go on a run, or even practice yoga and see the wonders this little habit works in your life.

8. Plan your day out (everything to do and not!)

There’s no better start to a day than creating a ‘to-do’ list in the morning. When you wake up positive in the morning, this list promises to keep that energy and inspiration up until you’ve checked everything out before going to bed. It’s simply awesome!

9. Food always helps – cook yourself an awesome meal (Eat up!)

Let the positivity you wake up with manifest into deliciousness! Cook yourself a nutritious and yummy breakfast and see how life starts to appear more and more worthwhile with every spoonful of health you enjoy.

10. Count your blessings (Smile and be happy!)

And…here’s the most important thing that alone can make you wake up positive every single day – use your first few breaths to count your blessings!
Oh, you can complain about the endless issues all day long. But showing some gratitude for everything that you’re blessed with in the morning, wouldn’t hurt honey, eh?
So say that you’re thankful for this wonderful day, happy for the warmth of your room, and just blessed to be alive. And this, my dear, is one habit that’s going to change your very life!

Breaking your first yawn of the day with this energy sets the sky as your limit. So, stay positive, stay energized, and stay blessed. Cheers!

Thanks to the absolutely fabulous source for all these great images – https://in.pinterest.com/